ECTS - - Information Systems Engineering

Information Systems is an academic and professional discipline which deals with collection, usage, storage, distribution, processing and management aspects of information, and keeps track of current information technologies. It is a bridge between management and computer science. Information systems engineering is a profession which covers all the subjects related with the analysis, design and development of information systems.


Information and communication technologies are changing and developing rapidly today. On the other hand, the usage ratio of information and communication technologies increases. In this scope, the competencies of graduates expected by the IT sector are also changing and a standard computer curriculum is away from satisfying such expectations. Our department applies a contemporary and pioneer curriculum which aims to educate human resources that satisfy the requirements of changing and developing information technologies. The courses related to current technologies highlight the advantages of our department.


The vision of the Department of Information Systems Engineering of Atilim University is to become a distinguished department which educates qualified information system engineers and contributes to the academic researches in the field of information systems. Our mission is to educate engineers that are able to develop information systems using information technologies, and direct information technologies scientifically in order to meet the needs of society within the World standards.


The department aims to educate information systems engineers who

   * have a strong theoretical and practical knowledge to design, develop and manage information systems,

   * have enough background on mathematics, physics, computers and engineering methods required for information systems,

   * start and manage information systems projects for the needs of organizations,

   * have effective oral and written communication ability on information technologies during system development and operation phases,

   * can work in multi-disciplinary teams with high communication ability,

   * is aware of professional and ethical responsibilities and engage in life-long learning.