ECTS - - Computer Engineering MSc. without Thesis

The recent advances in the information technology not only increased the need for computer engineers but also made it essential that professionals from different disciplines are familiar with the basics of the technology beyond the level of a simple user. Many advanced degree courses are designed to answer these requirements of the industry and furnish the students with the most recent advances in the technology. Training graduates from different disciplines also serves to reduce the gap between the supply and demand in the qualified IT personnel.

Atılım University Computer Engineering Master's Program is designed with these criteria in mind for the graduates of Computer Engineering and other disciplines. The students who do not hold a Computer Engineering degree or who are not experienced in the fundamentals of the discipline are required to take deficiency courses in some of the areas of Computer Engineering.

The degree courses are classified as hardware, software and computer science group courses and based on the interests of the student emphasis may be given to one of the groups. All students are required to take at least 1 course from each group and the total number of courses to be taken from these groups is 4. The details of the program are explained in the following sections.