Department of Civil Engineering has been founded in 2000 and had the first graduates in 2004.  As of November 2013, the Department currently has 400 students in Bachelor of Science program with the total number of graduates being 310. The Department offers Civil Engineering education in English with nine full-time faculty members. The objectives of the program are as follows: (1) to prepare our students to their professional life as practitioner engineers and as a directors by providing them with a strong technical background, (2) to have graduates of self-confident Civil Engineers with the ability of critical thinking, (3) to train our students in such a way that they will have clear understanding of ethical reponsibilities in their professional lives, and (4) to support the professional development of our students by equipping them with skills to communicate and work effectively as part of a team. Upon graduation, our students have abilities necessary to perform successfully in international engineering companies and universities as co-workers with the graduates of leading Turkish universities due to the high-quality English education they received. As a result of the self-confidence and professional knowledge that they acquire, the graduates of the program become entrepreneurs that are able to improve their family-owned businesses and establish their own engineering or construction companies.