In present days, the avionics maintenance services are provided mainly by such an education which uses high level technology. The highly-developed aircrafts of today that meet the requirements of fast and safe air  transfortation  is the top application area of high technology and hardware knowledge. Therefore the department's laboratories and workshops which has such infrastructure to allow the training of competent technical staff about repair and maintenance was founded. In the department, students will learn how to do the aircraft maintenance and repairment of electronic devices in modern methods and techniques. In the class they also learn the practice of how to apply the theoretical knowledge about basic electrical and electronic to navigation, communications, radar, flight control of aircraft electrical systems and devices. A significant amount of their education will be spent in laboratories and workshops using and practicing the real aircraft systems. The main subjects of study in the department can be listed like AC-DC circuits, electronic circuits and communication, airplane navigation and radar systems and navigation instruments. In the department, after the basic theoretical courses, teaching-learning process which consists of laboratory and workshop and summer practices the students will be able to graduate and start work immediately.

The Avionics department started the academic activities in the academic year 2011-2012 by taking its first students in 2011. After one year English preparatory class the students will go through a training and education programs of four years. The curriculum of the department was prepared taking into consideration the demands of the General Management of Civil Aviation and international standards in order to meet the needs of civil aviation sector which is rapidly evolving and gaining importance nowadays. Beside  the institutional and academic teaching such an education which is mainly based on thinking, designing and implementation on one to one application was highlighted in the curriculum. From the third year the students will be trained  by application-oriented lectures and workshops that are provided in a aircraft maintenance hangar in the Ankara Esenboğa Airport of Atılım University.