In sports, Atılım University has adopted the principles of honesty, solidarity, charity, creativity, sedulity, responsibility, mutual respect, and sportsmanship.


            Atılım University expects our students representing the University in competitive games to behave in a manner that safeguards our values.


            In this regard, Atılım University athletes are to act as follows:

  1. Our athletes are to exercise respect towards their opponents, referees, teammates, coaches, managers, and spectators during competitive games.
  2. They avoid racist, humiliating and insulting words and behaviours and violence.
  3. They are to exercise complete conformity with the rules regarding dress codes, diets, accommodation, transportation, training, and competition determined by their coaches and managers.
  4. They are to avoid taking medical products that are illegal and categorized as “doping” before and during competitive games.
  5. They are obliged to act in a way that suits their team and their team dynamics when participating in competitive games as Atılım University athletes.
  6. They may not act in ways that are not mentioned above, but that still disregard the Atılım University values in sports.


       Athletes acting otherwise are fired from Atılım University teams upon detection, and, in cases where required, the student disciplinary regulation is exercised.