Atılım University

Grants “Sports Scholarships” to student athletes to pursue their undergraduate education at our University in proportion to their academic success and sportive achievements.

Scholarship Principles:

  1. Sports scholarships are granted to the students who take part in sports events under university teams in the fields determined by Turkish University Sports Federation.
  2. Students wishing to receive a sports scholarship must submit all information and documents related to their national and international participations, achievements, and records to the Directorate of Sports in a file.
  3. Eligibility for a sports scholarship depends on the academic success of students and their successful participation in the university teams of their own field. The Board of Trustees determines the fields and students to be granted scholarships upon the recommendation of the Directorate of Sports Affairs and the approval of the President. Sports Scholarships are granted for one year and eligibility does not grant students a scholarship for following years.
  4. The Directorate of Sports Affairs runs performance and attendance assessments for scholarship students, and takes annual decisions to continue, or to terminate, a scholarship, on the basis of their evaluations of students’ game success, performance, and continued determination.
  5. In order for the continuation of a sports scholarship, Preparatory School students must pass the English Proficiency exam and program students must have a minimum GPA of 1.70 and be able to advance sections, in addition to the requirement to participate in the requisite activities with regard to their teams (training sessions, games, contests, meetings etc.).
  6. The students who fail to meet necessary conditions to maintain their scholarship and who are unable to exhibit sufficient performance and participation in the training sessions, games, contests, meetings etc., lose their sports scholarship.
  7. Sports Scholarship Application results are announced few days before the university selection period.

Documents and Information Required for Scholarship Applications:

  • Sports history and a list of achievements (written by the candidate)
  • Contact information
  • Photos (of trophies or medals awarded, of newspapers or news, as well as individual or team photos)
  • Copy of last certified sports license
  • A reference letter by the last trainer of the candidate
  • A reference letter by the last sports club of the candidate
  • National Team Certificate from the relevant Federation.