Yüksek Lisans Tezleri (Tamamlanmış)

  • Marwa Elmubark 2017 ”The effect of fomitopsis pinicola mushroom extract on antioxidant enzymes”
  • Maiser Zaid Alsamrraey 2017 ”The effect of phllinus torulosus mushroom extract on antioxidant enzymes”
  • Mustafa Maged 2017 “The biochemical analysis of calcium channel blockers as antihypertensive drugs”
  • Muna M. Aboubakar Faraj 2017 “ The biochemical analysis of selective and nonselective B- adrenergic receptor inhibitors: Propranolol and metaprolol”
  • Amani M.M. Salem 2017 “Biochemical analysis of a aderenergic receptor inhibitors: Doxozosin and  Terazosin”
  • Malika Khalifa Latresh 2017 “The isolation and analysis of the medicinal potential of methanolic extract of the stachys cretica L.flowers”
  • Saada S.Abdulgaddar Ali 2017 “The study of isolation and analysis of medicinal potential stachys cretica lamiaceace leaves methanolic extract”
  • Amal Rashuan 2016 ”The effect of daedalea quercina  mushroom extract on antioxidant enzyme activities”
  • Ahlam Ibrahim 2016 ”The effect of ponus conchatus  mushroom extract on antioxidant enzymes”
  • Gülşah Merve Güneş 2014 (Eşdanışman)” Ankara etrafından toplanan bazı bitki ekstrelerinin total antioksidan kapasiteleri ve antioksidan enzim aktiviteleri üzerine etkileri” (Ankara Üniversitesi)
  • Ceren Çokca 2015 (Eşdanışman)” Effects of doxorubicin containing polysebasic anhydride nanocapsules on Glutathione-S-transferase enzyme activity” (ODTÜ)
  • Mohammed Alwerfally 2014“The Effects of mushroom extract on cytosolic enzymes combined with selected drug: Doxorubicin”

Doktora Tezi (Tamamlanmış)

  • Akın Özkan 2017 “Computer  vision and machine  learning based adaprtable conversion method for any light microscope to automated cell counter by tryphan blue blue dye- exclusion”


  • Yasemin G. Isgor, Belgin S. Isgor, Fatmagul Geven “Non-Cytotoxic Extracts of Folkloric Plants as Herbal Remedies : The Enzyme Profiles for Cellular Defense”  International Journal of Pharmacology (Submitted: August 16, 2017  under publishing )
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Bitirme Projeleri

  • Merve Ş. Karaköy , Sırma Saral 2016 “ The effect of plantago majör extracts on antioxidant enzymes”
  • Dilara Çisel Varan 2017 “Effect of commercially available drug Norvacs on GST, GPx, SOD and CAT enzymes”
  • Yağmur Leblebicioğlu, Elif Fulya Mercan 2017 ”The commercially
  • available drug Lasix on GST,GPX,SOD and CAT enzymes”
  • Ezgi Özbek, Ayşe Genç 2017 ”The commercially
  • available drug Lacipil on GST, GPX, SOD and CAT enzymes”