Student Development and Counseling Center

The Student Development and Counseling Center has been established to help students with their psychological, educational and social development, to enable students to realize their potential and to provide guidance on the path leading to success in academic study. The Center offers services in regard to adaptation to the university way of life, learning techniques, effective and efficient study methods, handling and solving examination stress, knowing the self, the establishment and improvement of relations in social life, through diagnosing the problematic fields and focusing on solutions. These studies are conducted in cooperation with the other academic and administrative units of the university through the application of the latest of psychological counseling principles and techniques.

If you

  • are unable to reach your targeted success level in language learning,
  • want to learn efficient learning techniques,
  • find it impossible to study no matter how hard you try,
  • think that you cannot achieve success despite studying hard,
  • are unable to concentrate due to your problems and stress
  • are unable to control your nervousness in examinations,
  • want to know yourself better and improve your personality,
  • want to talk to an expert who can understand you,

you can apply to the center for help.