Special Topics (MDES601) Course Detail

Course Name Course Code Season Lecture Hours Application Hours Lab Hours Credit ECTS
Special Topics MDES601 3 0 0 3 5
Pre-requisite Course(s)
Consent of the instructor
Course Language English
Course Type N/A
Course Level Ph.D.
Mode of Delivery Face To Face
Learning and Teaching Strategies Lecture, Drill and Practice.
Course Coordinator
Course Lecturer(s)
  • Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Erden
Course Assistants
Course Objectives This course is designed to frame courses of instruction involving material of timely, special, or unusual interest not contained in the regular courses of the departments and modes program. These may be courses exploring areas of special interest to the proposing faculty member, department, or to the students. These courses may be term long courses, or intensive educational programs to cover full term topics in few weeks long to benefit short stay of faculty from other institutions.
Course Learning Outcomes The students who succeeded in this course;
  • Special Topics will be designed to meet the specific needs and interests of each registrant, and to provide experience in highly specialized research techniques.
Course Content Special topics courses are not required to be submitted to curriculum committees and the Faculty Senate for approval prior to their initial offerings. The course may be offered by faculty members with the approval of modes program chair. Content of each special topic course with timely program should be submitted to prior to the term.

Weekly Subjects and Releated Preparation Studies

Week Subjects Preparation
1 Weekly schedule will be offered prior to the term. -


Course Book 1. Ders kitabı dersin her verilişinde ayrıca belirlenir.

Evaluation System

Requirements Number Percentage of Grade
Attendance/Participation - -
Laboratory - -
Application - -
Field Work - -
Special Course Internship - -
Quizzes/Studio Critics - -
Homework Assignments 3 100
Presentation - -
Project - -
Report - -
Seminar - -
Midterms Exams/Midterms Jury - -
Final Exam/Final Jury - -
Toplam 3 100
Percentage of Semester Work 100
Percentage of Final Work 0
Total 100

Course Category

Core Courses X
Major Area Courses
Supportive Courses
Media and Managment Skills Courses
Transferable Skill Courses

The Relation Between Course Learning Competencies and Program Qualifications

# Program Qualifications / Competencies Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 Ability to carry out advanced research activities, both individual and as a member of a team X
2 Ability to evaluate research topics and comment with scientific reasoning X
3 Ability to initiate and create new methodologies, implement them on novel research areas and topics X
4 Ability to produce experimental and/or analytical data in systematic manner, discuss and evaluate data to lead scintific conclusions X
5 Ability to apply scientific philosophy on analysis, modelling and design of engineering systems X
6 Ability to synthesis available knowledge on his/her domain to initiate, to carry, complete and present novel research at international level X
7 Contribute scientific and technological advancements on engineering domain of his/her interest area X
8 Contribute industrial and scientific advancements to improve the society through research activities X

ECTS/Workload Table

Activities Number Duration (Hours) Total Workload
Course Hours (Including Exam Week: 16 x Total Hours)
Laboratory 2 20 40
Special Course Internship
Field Work
Study Hours Out of Class 16 3 48
Presentation/Seminar Prepration
Homework Assignments 2 20 40
Quizzes/Studio Critics
Prepration of Midterm Exams/Midterm Jury 2 20 40
Prepration of Final Exams/Final Jury 1 20 20
Total Workload 188