ECTS - - Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems (MODES)

Conclusion of the doctoral thesis

ARTICLE 34 - (1) The student completing his/her doctoral thesis studies within time period specified under article 30 shall be obliged to write the thesis results in the form as specified under thesis writing instruction of the University and defend the thesis before committee. For the programs conducted in English, the thesis must be written in English, as well.

(2) To be eligible for doctoral thesis defense, the student must have minimum one article on the thesis authored by him/her or co-authored with other researchers in the related field, of which publication in national or international refereed journals has been approved. The student who meets such condition and whose thesis is accepted by thesis advisor shall apply to the relevant EABD to take thesis exam. The EABD submits to the Graduate school the unbound thesis checked and approved by the advisor in respect to content together with thesis jury proposal, a copy of paper sent for publication as specified under this article and plagiarism report. If case of any plagiarism in the report data, the thesis is sent to the Board of Directors of Graduate School for a justified decision. The deadline for thesis exam is specified under the academic calendar.

(3) In order for the conclusion of the thesis of the student, minimum three thesis monitoring committee reports must be submitted.

(4) Doctoral thesis jury is appointed with the proposal of advisor, Major Science/Art Department of Graduate School and approval of Board of Directors of the Graduate School. The jury consists of five academic members three of which are the academic members included in thesis monitoring committee and minimum two of which are out of the University. Relevant Board of Directors decides whether the advisor has right to vote. If the advisor does not have right to vote, the jury shall consists of six academic members. In addition, the second thesis advisor may be involved the jury without the right to vote. In addition, two alternate members shall be appointed to the jury outside university.

(5) The jury members gather within maximum one month from date of delivery of the thesis and take the student to thesis defense exam. Thesis exam consists of presentation of thesis works, and the question-answer part following thereupon is open to audience. The audience consists of teaching staff, graduate students and field specialists.

(6) Upon the exam the jury, without the presence of the audience, gives the decision of acceptance, rejection or correction by simple majority vote. The jury's decision is submitted to the Graduate School by relevant EABD as an attachment to minute. The student whose thesis is accepted is evaluated to be successful. The student whose thesis is rejected is dismissed from the University. The student whose thesis needs to be corrected makes the necessary amendments and re-defends it before the same jury again within six months at the latest. The student who also fails this exam is dismissed from the university. Those admitted to doctoral program with undergraduate degree and failing to pass dissertation successfully will be granted non-thesis master degree upon their requests in accordance with the 7th paragraph of article 30. The student must register for the extended semester.


Doctorate diploma

ARTICLE 35 – (1) The student who completed his/her thesis study submits the copies of the thesis as requested by the advisor. Along with the written statement about the conformity to spelling rules, the advisor submits the copies of the thesis to relevant graduate school through the Major Science/Art Department of Graduate School.

(2) The student providing the relevant Graduate School with the three bound copies of doctoral thesis and CD copies of pdf format within one month following the thesis exam date and approved in respect to thesis format are entitled to be awarded with doctorate diploma provided that other conditions are also met. Board of Directors of the Graduate School may extend the submission period for maximum one month upon request. The student who does not meet these requirements cannot receive his/her diploma and benefit from the rights granted to students and dismissed from the University at the end of maximum period.

(3) The Doctoral diploma states the approved title of the program in the graduate school department studied by the student. Graduation date is the thesis exam date when the thesis is accepted.