ECTS - - Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems (MODES)

The program is developed as a research based interdisciplinary advanced study with interdisciplinary courses and an advanced research study leading to a Ph. D. thesis. Some of the basic motivations of the program are;

- Strengthen research atmosphere in the society by establishing strong and long-lasting relationships between the university and industry through advanced research projects,

- Educate highly qualified researchers to participate in joint projects of the university and industry,

- Provide highly qualified teaching faculty and research experts for universities and research institutions.

The program is designed specially to satisfy the stated motivations and has some unique features:

- Interdisciplinary courses prepare candidates to acquire broad scientific and technological outlook by studying topics in different fields of engineering, science and mathematics. The candidates are challenged to participate in interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research activities.

- A strong curriculum with Core coursesFocus area courses and Elective courses allows candidates to focus and specialize on a selected specific topic motivated by the candidate or required by his/her institution.