ECTS - - Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems (MODES)

Compulsory Departmental Courses

MDES600 - Research Methodology and Communication Skills (3 + 0) 5

Rigorous, scholarly research, particularly theses or dissertations. Literature review, surveys, meta-analysis, empirical research design, formulating research questions, theory building, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods, validity, reliability, triangulation, building evidences, writing research proposal

MDES682 - Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Each PhD student is expected to give a presentation on his/her thesis work and attend the seminars conducted by the other students and academic staff

MDES689 - Qualification Exam (0 + 0) 30

Topics covered in curriculum courses and related topics.

MDES691 - Thesis Proposal (0 + 0) 20

Research topic.

MDES697 - Doctoral Thesis (0 + 0) 150

Thesis topic as stated on the thesis protocol.

MDES6C1 - Core Course-1 (3 + 0) 5

Defined to show "Core Course-1" in "Course Structure Diagram with Credits"

MDES6C2 - Core Course-2 (3 + 0) 5

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MDES6E1 - Elective Course-1 (3 + 0) 5

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MDES6E2 - Elective Course-2 (3 + 0) 5

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MDES6F1 - Focus Course-1 (3 + 0) 5

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MDES6F2 - Focus Course-2 (3 + 0) 5

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Elective Courses

CE565 - Project Risk Management (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to risk, risk analysis and management, risk identification, risk assessment methods, probabilistic risk assessment, Monte Carlo Simulation, sensitivity analysis, risk response strategies.

CE566 - Advanced Mathematical Methods in Civil Engineering (3 + 0) 5

First-, second- and higher-order linear ordinary differential equations, system of differential equations, power series solution of differential equations, Laplace transforms, partial differential equations, numerical integration and derivation, numerical solution of differential equations.

CEAC503 - Advance Inorganic Chemistry (3 + 0) 5

Bronsted and Lewis acid-base concepts, coordination chemistry, molecular structures, point group reactions, redox reactions.

CEAC509 - Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer (3 + 0) 5

Principles and analogies of molecular heat and mass transport, convective heat and mass transport, interfacial heat and mass transfer,basic vectorial equation for mass transfer with chemical reaction, analytical and numerical solution of one dimensional transient transport equations, gas absorption with chemical reaction.

CEAC571 - Membrane Science and Processes (3 + 0) 5

Basic concepts and definitions in membrane science, membrane materials, characterization, transport theory, fouling and concentration polarization, membrane separations, ion exchange membrane processes, energy generating processes and fuel cells.

CEAC572 - Electromembrane Processes (3 + 0) 5

Basic concepts and definitions in ion exchange membrane science, materials, characterization, electrochemical and thermodynamic fundamentals, energy conversion technologies, fuel cells, process and equipment design.

EE310 - RF and Microwave Engineering (3 + 2) 6

Introduction to RF and microwave systems, analysis of transmission lines and wavequides, the Smith chart, scattering parameters and matching networks, LC networks, single and double stub tuning using the Smith chart, PCB realization of RF and microwave circuits, microstrip lines, various RF and microwave passive components including filters, and

EE606 - Special Topics (3 + 0) 5

Content of each special course will be announced prior to the term.

MATE506 - Advanced Microscopy Tecniques (3 + 0) 5

Scanning electron microscope and its modes of operation, generation of X-rays in SEM, EDS, WDS, stereology, statistical analysis, fundamentals of digital imaging and image analysis, measurement of structural gradients, grain size, particle size and shape, spacing, structure-property relations.

MATH670 - Mathematical Models in Biology (3 + 0) 5

Linear and nonlinear biological models via difference equations; linear and nonlinear biological models via differential equations; special topics in mathematical biology including predator-prey models, SI,SIS,SIR epidemic models, competition models of two and three species, Van Der Pol equation, Hodgkin-Huxley and FitzHugh-Nagumo models.

MDES601 - Special Topics (3 + 0) 5

Special topics courses are not required to be submitted to curriculum committees and the Faculty Senate for approval prior to their initial offerings. The course may be offered by faculty members with the approval of modes program chair. Content of each special topic course with timely program should be submitted to prior to the term.

MDES632 - Reliability for Design (3 + 0) 5

System reliability, the methods for evaluating reliability of systems, and reliability optimization problems.

MDES646 - Advances in Management Information Systems (3 + 0) 5

Introduction to advanced topics in management information systems; management information systems modeling and design; advances in information technology and the corresponding development techniques, emerging new systems opportunities; the need for managing these applications effectively; the new application areas and the system management approach

MDES660 - Theory of Computation (3 + 0) 5

Models of computation, church-Turing thesis, decidability and undecidability, recursive enumerability, time complexity, classes P and NP, space complexity, LOGSPACE, PSPACE, completeness.

MDES661 - Formal Languages and Automata (3 + 0) 5

Languages and their representations, finite automata and regular grammars, context-free grammars; concept of abstract machines and language acceptance; deterministic and non-deterministic finite state machines; pushdown automata; Turing machines and introduction to the theory of computation.

MDES672 - Advanced Topics in Digital Image Processing (3 + 0) 5

Review of image processing fundamentals, frequency and space domain image processing methods; wavelets, multiresolution processing, and orthogonal transforms; image and video compression standards; image segmentation and representation; nonlinear image processing methods.

MDES674 - Supply Chain Management (3 + 0) 5

Supply chain management purposes and processes; supply chain design, evaluation and measurement models; trends in strategic operations, procurement, and logistics applications within the supply chain.

MDES677 - Advanced Artificial Intelligence (3 + 0) 5

Intelligent agents, problem solving by searching, informed/uninformed search methods, exploration, constraint satisfaction problems, game playing, knowledge and reasoning: first-order logic, knowledge representation, learning, selected topics: evolutionary computing, multiagent systems, artificial neural networks, ant colony optimization.

MDES678 - Theory of Continuous Media I (3 + 0) 5

Review of tensor analysis and integral theorems; kinematics of deformation, strain tensor, compatibility condition; material derivative, deformation rate, spin and vorticity tensor; external and internal loads, Cauchy?s principle and stress tensors; basic laws of continuum mechanics (conservation of mass, continuity equation, principle of linear an

MDES679 - Theory of Continuous Media II (3 + 0) 5

Energy an virtual work equations, second law of thermodynamics, entropy, reversible and irreversible processes; theory of thermoelasticity, Gibbs relation; adiabatic and isothermal deformations; Clausius-Duhem inequality; constitutive equations, material symmetry restrictions; theory of viscoelasticity, theory of plasticity; applications.

MDES683 - Theory of Plasticity (3 + 0) 5

Vector and tensor calculus; general concepts about mechanics of materials-stress and strain concept; continuum deformation: displacement, strain and compatibility conditions; mechanics of continuous bodies: stress and stress equation of motion; elastic constitutive relations; inelastic constitutive relations; yield criteria, flow rules and hardenin

MDES686 - Fundamental Principles of Tissue Engineering (3 + 0) 5

Cell-tissue concepts, cell-tissue culture basic principles, tissue engineering, biomaterials, systems, proteins, biomaterial surface interactions, tissue microenvironment, organ loss and regeneration.

ME684 - Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Fluids I (3 + 0) 5

Concepts of finite element analysis such as principle of virtual work, finite element solution procedures, heat transfer analysis, finite element analysis of solids, fluids and structures.

Technical Elective Courses

MDES615 - Analytical Probability Theory (3 + 0) 5

Sigma-algebra of sets, measure, integral with respect to measure; probability space; independent events and independent experiments; random variables and probability distributions; moments and numerical characteristics; random vectors and independent random variables; convergence of random variables; transform methods; sums of independent random v