ECTS - - PhD in Business Administration (English)

1 To be able to gather information from different sources and to adapt the tools and methods of different disciplines to carry out multi-dimensional analyzes supporting decision mechanisms.
2 To be able to follow the international scientific studies in the field and to have a foreign language to be able to make a new contribution to the literature.
3 To transfer the results of the researches it has made about the field of business administration with the correct written and verbal communication to the stakeholders of the organization it is involved in.
4 To develop and deepen current and advanced knowledge about all the basic functions of company with original thought and / or research and to report the findings obtained by conducting original researches that will bring innovation to the field of business in an impartial and critical manner.
5 To make use of the research methods and tools, computer programs and communication channels required to study in the field.
6 To be able to identify problems with the ability to think critically and analytically, to see the impact of the problem and the solution proposals on all stakeholders with the ability to think strategically and broadly and to make optimal decisions to reach the objectives of the enterprise
7 To be able to associate and synthesize the information in the field of business and other fields, to reach original results by following an interdisciplinary path in scientific studies or solving problems.
8 To use the information it obtained in all his activities by considering social and universal moral values.
9 Identify, implement and direct targets to develop the organization in which it is involved with the perspective of strategic thinking and holistic approach.
10 To be able to collect data, to make analysis with quantitative / qualitative methods, to make decisions and to make solutions to problems encountered either in the projects groups or independently.