ECTS - - PhD in Business Administration (English)

Compulsory Departmental Courses

MAN600 - Seminar (0 + 0) 5

Definition of the topic, data collection and analysis, report writing and presenting.

MAN601 - Research Methods (3 + 0) 5

Advanced methodolgy in research designs, probability theories, hypothesis tests, reliability and validity of measurement, model construction, multiple regression, multivariate variance analyses, correlation, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and econometric models.

MAN606 - New Approaches in Production Management (3 + 0) 5

Production systems, production strategies, production management decisions, product design and development.

MAN623 - Contemporary Organization Theory (3 + 0) 5

Evolution of organization theories and contemporary organization theories, resource dependence theory, social network theory, institutional theory, agency theory.

MAN690 - Qualification (0 + 0) 30

Individual study to be succesful in proficiency exam. 

MAN697 - Thesis Proposal (0 + 0) 20

Identifying a research subject and preparing the general outline and core references of the research subject

MAN699 - Thesis (0 + 0) 150

Determination of a research topic in the field of business administration, literature survey, setting of hyphotesis, analysis, interpretation and reporting of the results in an orderly fashion appropriate to scientific guidelines.

Elective Courses

MAN604 - Advanced Research Methods (3 + 0) 5

Identifying problem areas using general knowledge about research methods, designing research, collecting data, conducting qualitative and quantitative advanced analysis, and writing a research report.

MAN607 - Strategic Human Resources Management (3 + 0) 5

The theoretical developments in the field of Human Resources Management with a strategic perspective and the processes related to the identification and analysis of Human Resources Management functions and the development of appropriate human resources strategies in line with business strategies.

MAN608 - Advanced Organizational Behavior (3 + 0) 5

The theoretical developments in the field of organizational behaviour; different theories related to self, individual, teams, groups and organizational systems.

SBE-MAN-DR-AE1FA1 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 5

SBE-MAN-DR-AE1FA2 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 5

SBE-MAN-DR-AE1FA3 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 5

SBE-MAN-DR-AE1FA4 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 5

SBE-MAN-DR-AE1FA5 - Departmental Elective (0 + 0) 5

Technical Elective Courses

MAN602 - Strategic Marketing Management (3 + 0) 5

Functional development of marketing in business and the evolution of the marketing concept, its relation with other sciences, the contribution of marketing science to strategic competition, new approaches on marketing components on basis of varying perspectives on marketing science.

MAN603 - Advanced Financial Accounting (3 + 0) 5

Accounting theory and its development, research methods in accounting, assessment function of accounting, current value accounting, accounting systems in literature, the development of accounting standards in Turkey and international accounting standards and the potential scope of accounting.

MAN605 - Financial Management  (3 + 0) 5

Agency theory, capital strucure theories, dividend theories, modern portfolio theory, capital assets pricing model, arbitrage pricing model, effective markets hypotheses, asymmetry problem in finance markets, choice under risk and uncertainty, capital cost.

MAN609 - Financial Econometrics (3 + 0) 5

The use of statistical techniques and econometric theory in the solution of financial problems, building financial models, estimation of volatility, capital asset pricing, portfolio allocation, risk adjusted returns.

MAN610 - Selective Topics in Cost and Managerial Accounting (3 + 0) 5

Cost distribution methods, process costing and job-order costing methods, activity-based costing, cost behavior analysis, decision process using financial data, operations budget.

MAN611 - Services Marketing (3 + 0) 5

Properties of services, service design, demand forecasting and capacity planning in service businesses and measurement of service quality.

MAN612 - Marketing Models (3 + 0) 5

Development of marketing theory, consumer behavior models, industrial buying models, new product expansion models, international marketing strategies, decision support systems in marketing.

MAN613 - Supply Chain Management (3 + 0) 5

Network design in supply chain, performance criteria, supply and demand forecasting, stock determination and security stock, pricing strategies.

MAN614 - Financial Institutions and Instruments (3 + 0) 5

Classification of financial institutions, types of financial markets, money and capital markets instruments, central banking, commercial banking, banking regulation and audition institutions, stock exchanges and BİST, Capital Markets Board (SPK), social security institutions, financial renting and factoring, futures, options.

MAN615 - Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research (3 + 0) 5

Utilization of information systems in functions of a business: production, finance, marketing for analysis and coordination.

MAN616 - Strategy and Business Policy (3 + 0) 5

Strategic planning of the business, scope, organization, coordination, application and control of activities of the business.

MAN617 - Investment Project Analysis and Firm Valuation (3 + 0) 5

Investment projects evaluation, risk analysis in project evaluation, other profitability and economic anaysis, the applications of valuation methods.

MAN618 - Auditing (3 + 0) 5

The verification of correct and reliable data in financial statements of businesses, audition of the correctness of period entries, audition types, standards and legal regulations on auditing, interior control systems, reporting.

MAN619 - International Finance (3 + 0) 5

Basic principles of international finance, international financial markets and foreign exchange markets` risk.

MAN620 - International Marketing Strategies (3 + 0) 5

International markets, international marketing strategies and penetration methods, planning, organization, application and control of international product, pricing, place and promotion operations.

MAN621 - Consumer Behavior (3 + 0) 5

Decision making process, organizational context, micro-macro range, neuroscience, psychology, cultural studies.

MAN622 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (3 + 0) 5

The theory and the applications related with optimal portfolio selection, portfolio management, asset pricing models, investment analysis techniques and derivative instruments.

MAN624 - Financial Analysis (3 + 0) 5

Fundamental and additional financial statements, comparative analysis of financial statements, trend percentages analysis, vertical percentage analysis and ratio analysis, interpretation of the analyses.

MAN625 - Corporate Governance, Risks and Internal Control (3 + 0) 5

The risks that threat the sustainability of the businesses, precautionary measures and the components of the internal control system.

MAN627 - Strategic Brand Management (3 + 0) 5

The definition and concepts of brand, planning of strategic brand management process and brand communication

MAN628 - Sales Management (3 + 0) 5

Kişisel satışın pazarlamadaki yeri, satış yönetimi fonksiyonlarının tanıtılması, satış tahminleri ve kotaları, satışçıların ve müşterilerin iletişim tarzları, satış ve etik