The mission of this program is defined as educating students to become qualified psychologists who are aware of the diversities and realities of the country and the world, live in close contact with the community, have broad and flexible understanding of the world, approach events critically, analytically and creatively and contribute to the scientific knowledge in global standards. Basically the department’s education program has been prepared to create environments for high level of active involvement in research and application,  undergraduate research opportunities and internship, volunteer community work opportunities and the theoretical knowledge required with its innovative courses. Educational objectives of our department:

1) To train individuals who are equipped with theoretical knowledge in fundamental concepts in psychology and specialization fields, and practice skills;

2) Able to design, apply, analyze, interpret and report correlative and experimental research studies;

3) Aware of the limits of their competency and professional ethics;

4) Have sense of responsibility, sensitivity and awareness towards social processes;

5) Have ability to work in a team or individually, follow up contemporary professional developments and establish effective communication.