The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Knowledge 1 - Possess advanced level theoretical and practical knowledge supported by textbooks with updated information, practice equipment and other resources. X X X X X
Skills 1 - Use of advanced theoretical and practical knowledge within the field. X X X X X
2 - Interpret and evaluate data, define and analyze problems, develop solutions based on research and proofs by using acquired advanced knowledge and skills within the field. X X X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - Conduct studies at an advanced level in the field independently. X X X X
2 - Take responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve unexpected complex problems faced within the implementations in the field. X
3 - Planning and managing activities towards the development of subordinates in the framework of a project. X
Learning Competence 1 - Evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired at an advanced level in the field with a critical approach. X
2 - Determine learning needs and direct the learning. X X
3 - Develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning. X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - Inform people and institutions, transfer ideas and solution proposals to problems in written and orally on issues in the field. X X
2 - Share the ideas and solution proposals to problems on issues in the field with professionals and non-professionals by the support of qualitative and quantitative data. X
3 - Organize and implement project and activities for social environment with a sense of social responsibility. X
4 - Monitor the developments in the field and communicate with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1 General Level. X
5 - Use informatics and communication technologies with at least a minimum level of European Computer Driving License Advanced Level software knowledge. X
Field Specific Competence 1 - Act in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values on the stages of gathering, implementation and release of the results of data related to the field. X
2 - Possess sufficient consciousness about the issues of universality of social rights, social justice, quality, cultural values and also, environmental protection, worker's health and security. X