ECTS - - International Trade and Logistics

Today in parallel with the progress in communication and information technologies, a large number of goods and services in all sectors are in circulation on the face of the globe.
Therefore rising foreign trade volumes, interaction between markets and both country and firm-based competition keeps transforming the traditional trade perception, also makes the logistics discipline which can not be evaluated solely "transportation" with the fact that it provides product/service/labor/information resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption prior to efficiency and optimization. In other words, on the track of the evolution of the world economy tending to globalize and/or regionalize with the 21st century, the concept of internationalization in both firm and industry scale adds a new dimension to trade and makes logistics function vital.
Thus, the international flow of goods,services and investment has become integrated and buoyant since trade and logistics has been the locomotives of modern economies. In a nutshell, anyone who is willing to specialize in international trade practices shall have the know-how about logistics. Hence, the advantage of our students to be trained in both International Trade and Logistics is obvious. And this is why our Department sets its understanding of education in a flexible and progressive frame just like the the disciplines it entreates which refuse single-minded approaches.