ECTS - - International Trade and Logistics

The institutional transfer applications to Atılım University Management in Turkish program are subject to the regulations of Turkish Higher Council (YÖK), stated in "Yükseköğretim Kurumlarında Ön Lisans ve Lisans Düzeyindeki Programlar Arasında Geçiş, Çift Anadal, Yandal ile Kurumlararası Kredi Transferi Yapılması Esaslarına İlişkin Yönetmelik”. The admissions are administered taking into consideration the student's GPA and score in generalized exam as well as the quota determined for the year.

To apply for a vertical transfer, the student is required to present a 2-year vocational school diploma and the student's score sheet Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS).

  • The generalized exam requirements are not required for international students, but a certificate for proficiency in the language of instruction of the program is required instead.
  • In case that the prior learning is received from an institution abroad, the equivalency of diploma should be approved by YÖK.
  • It is possible that the applicants for vertical and institutional transfers are exempted from courses. The relative assessment is performed by the concerning council within the department, acoording to documents provided by the student.