ECTS - - Manufacturing Engineering

The department of manufacturing engineering which has been founded in 2003, is among the pioneers of the discipline in Turkey. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs (taught in English), to train experts who is going to work in the field of manufacturing engineering. The discipline of manufacturing engineering is the sub-field which focuses on the analysis and  desing  of systems, processes and the involved tools and devices which are used to convert raw materials into industrial products. The mission of the department is to train innovative and creative manufacturing engineers who are aware of the technology of the field and use the sources in an efficient and sustainable manner without ignoring the environmental effects. Undergraduate program is based on the 'learning by doing' approach and supported by the internship  possiblities  and laboratory facilities of the department. The aim of the program is to equip graduates with engineering skills necessary to  fullfill  their roles both in national and international working environments.