The program involves 48 courses totally; 11 of which are compulsory for the whole university and 16 of them are elective courses. Elective courses begin at the second semester and spread through other semesters. The students, if they prefer, can choose among elective courses with the same credits as their courses offered by other departments of our faculty, other faculties, and courses with ART codes at the 7th and 8th semesters. All courses of the program are one semester long and course other than theoretical courses are practice-based. Prerequisite courses are specified at the education program. (GRT101-102 / GRT 201- 202 / GRT 301 – 302 / GRT 401-402)

The program involves two compulsory internship of twenty workdays each, one at the end of 4th semester (Internship-I / Production), and the other at the end of 6th semester (Internship-II / Design).

The courses offered at the first and second years of the program provide the students with basic information and experience about the field, while the courses offered at the third and fourth years aim to give the students knowledge, skills, and competencies about the basic and special field they want to focus on in the future.