ECTS - - Doctoral (PhD) Program in Private Law

1) Develops knowledge of concepts, institutions and methods of private law at the level of expertise.
2) Makes original definition and qualification about legal concepts and methods.
3) Analyzing and evaluating the problems of private law relations by using the information obtained, reaching new and original results and ideas.
4) Evaluates existing or new concept or institution in the field of private law with a new thought, approach and method.
5) Has the ability to understand and process the national and international dimensions of law by following court cases and practices.
6) Has the ability to diagnose private law problems and solve problems.
7) Gains a unique perspective in the field of private law.
8) Has the ability to conduct research in the field of private law and to be able to put forth a unique scientific work.
9) Gains the ability to make written and oral presentations in accordance with academic and ethical rules.
10) Defends original opinions in the discussion of issues related to the field of private law and establish effective communication that demonstrates its competence.
11) Has the ability to solve current legal problems within contemporary legal approaches.
12) Contributes to the settlement and implementation of legal and academic codes of ethics.
13) Contributes to the settlement of the law and justice consciousness in society and its sustainability process.
14) Has the ability of establishing functional interaction by using strategic decision making processes in solving the problems arising from law theory and practice and affecting social life.
15) Contributes to legal theory and practice by publishing at least one scientific article in the field of private law, nationally or internationally, in well-established and / or respected journals.