ECTS - - Electrical-Electronics Engineering MSc. (without Thesis)

M.Sc. Program Without Thesis intends to produce professionals by teaching high level courses in modern topics. A Non-credit Term Project is required. The M.Sc. program in EE is conducted in accordance with the regulations of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. For more information please see “Regulations and Instructions” on the Graduate School Wep Page ( 

Scientific Preparation (Deficiency) Courses

Students holding a non-EE degree or a non-bachelor degree are required to pass the Scientific Preparation courses. For each such student, The Department's M.Sc. Program Commitee will select two or more Scientific Preparation courses among the EE2XX and/or EE3XX courses in the undergraduate curriculum. The total credits of the Scientific Preparation courses should be 6 or more. The Scientific Preparation program should be completed in not more than one year. A minimum grade of DD should be taken for each course and the grade point average should not be less than 2.00 over 4.00. During the Scientific Preparation program a student can take only one (not more) graduate course. Students who pursue the deficiency program are also recommended to take two undergraduate courses. These courses may be counted within the compulsory course load of the M.Sc.program. 

Special Students

Admission as a “Special Student” on a course basis is possible for those not having Diploma Equivalency Certificate.