ECTS - - Clinical Psychology Non-Thesis Master Program

Must have a BS/BA degree in Psychology (Formal Education four-year undergraduate program). Applicants who are graduated from universities abroad must have an equivalence certificate to be obtained from the Council of Higher Education.

A minimum undergraduate graduation grade point average of 2.70 over 4

Getting at least 60 points from the ALES Equal Weighted Score type. (Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for international applicants) 

English Language proficiency (YDS 80, YÖKDİL 80, TOEFL IBT 96)

Getting at least 70 points out of 100 from the written exam

Getting at least 70 points out of 100 from the interview

In accepting students to the proposed graduate programs, ALES score, undergraduate GPA, written exam score, and interview results are evaluated. 

Applicants who score 75 and above in the total evaluation with the department’s Academic Committee Suggestion and the Institute Board of Directors’ decision, are ranked by considering the following criteria;

  • 50% of ALES score (GRE-converted score) *
  • 15% of the English language score,
  • 15% of the undergraduate GPA,
  • 10% of the written science exam score
  • 10% of the interview score

*GRE scores will be converted to 0-100 scale.