Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry is the department where chemical engineers, chemists and biologists perform their studies together, and different disciplines like energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, food, textiles, paints, plastics, cosmetics and environmental technologies, advanced technological materials are gathered all together. When viewed from this perspective, it is one of very few examples in the world and unique in Turkey, and its primary objective is to reach excellence in interdisciplinary research and to increase competitiveness and productivity by both scientific and R&D activities.

Our department aims to educate chemical engineers who

  • apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to solve chemical engineering and applied chemistry problems.
  • design, implement and evaluate a chemical engineering system or a system component to meet specified requirements.
  • use the modern techniques and engineering tools necessary for chemical engineering practices
  • acquire, analyze and interpret data to understand chemical engineering and applied chemistry requirements.
  • demonstrate necessary organizational and business skills to work effectively in inner/inter disciplinary teams or individually.
  • have an ability to self-renewal by following scientific and technological developments within the philosophy of lifelong learning,
  • have an understanding of professional, legal, ethical and social issues and responsibilities in chemical engineering and applied chemistry
  • perform original research and development activities and convert the achieved results to publications, patents and technology.
  • design and conduct scientific and technological experiments in lab- and pilot-scale, and analyze and interpret their results.
  • have an understanding of  the professional and occupational responsibilities