Chemical engineering is one of the four fundamental engineering fields in which a comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and other natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied to convert raw materials into a variety of products for the benefit of mankind, and deals with the design and operation of plants and equipment to perform such work. It has a crucial role in today's technological developments and innovations. It covers all of the dynamic study fields which take an enormous interest from the society, such as process system engineering, petrochemical engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology, environmental technologies, food technologies and energy systems.  
Chemical engineers work at industrial plants, laboratories, private and public project organizations, and petrochemical, fundamental chemicals, sugar, food, cement, ceramic, pharmaceutical, textile, dye, metal, fertilizer, plastics/rubber industries, marine and defense industry, and healthcare fields by performing design, operation and /or support services. In addition, Chemical Engineering graduates have a great opportunity to become entrepreneurs.