Atilim University's Information Security Process is managed by the Directorate of ICT in accordance with the ITIL© (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principles in order to align ICT security with corporate security and ensure that information security is managed effectively in all services in terms of information confidentiality, integrity and availability.

The key concerns of security are:

  • Confidentiality: Assurance that the corporate data/information is only available to appropriate parties;
  • Integrity: Assurance that the corporate data/information has not been modified by unauthorized parties;
  • Availability: Assurance that the corporate data/information may be utilized when required.


The Directorate of ICT ensures the security of corporate data/information in Atilim University, by using the following methods and tools;

  • Data Access by User Name/Password Control
  • Data Access by v-LAN Control
  • Firewall, IDS Protection
  • Application-Level and Function-Level User Authorization Schemes 
  • Logging
  • E-mail SPAM Filtering
  • Data Back-Up and Recovery Procedures/Practices
  • Traffic Encryption by VPN, Secure Shell, SSL
  • Anti-Virus Systems
  • Physical/Biometric Access Control