Problem Resolution Process is managed by the Directorate of ICT in accordance with the ITIL© (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principles in order to prevent problems and incidents, eliminate repetition of incidents, and minimize the impact of incidents which cannot be prevented.

Problem is the unknown cause of one or more incidents.

Root Cause is the very fault which makes the incident to occur.

Workaround is a set of predefined steps used to handle a particular type of incident which has been seen before. Workarounds are used for mitigating or eliminating of an incident or a problem for which a full resolution is not yet available.

Known Error is a problem which has a documented root cause and a workaround.

Problem Database is a common repository which provides the information of Problems, Workarounds and Root Causes with the ICT Specialists, to constitute a reusable, corporate memory regarding the already encountered and resolved problems.

Directorate of ICT aims to convert all of the ICT problems into ICT Known Errors so that the Technical Specialists can resolve all of the incidents with the minimum down time and maximum effectiveness.

Atilim University's Problem database is managed by the IT Help Desk.