Monitoring Process is conducted by the Directorate of ICT in accordance with the ITIL© (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principles to monitor all network and system services/applications on the infrastructure continuously, to check if they are running within normal operation limits, and also to detect and escalate exceptional conditions.

Atilim University's local and wide network segments, IP security camera network, inbound & outbound e-mail traffic (not e-mail messages contents, but the traffic density and load), as well as the below listed mission-critical services/applications are continuously monitored by appropriate monitoring tools:

  • E-Mail Servers,
  • Web Servers,
  • Database Servers,
  • DNS Servers,
  • Application Servers.


Directorate of ICT launches one or more of the following response options, in case of detecting incidents, service outages or performance losses, during the monitoring process:

  • IT Help Desk Trouble Ticket Opening,
  • Technical Escalation,
  • Third-Party Escalation,
  • Management Escalation,
  • Log Generation,
  • Incident/Problem Report Generation.