End User A person who uses the IT Service on a day-to-day basis.
  Information Technologies Help Desk A point of contact for End-Users to log Incidents.
  Case An Incident or Request which was reported by an End-User to the Help Desk.
  Incident An unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the Quality of an IT Service.
  Service Request A request from a User for information, or for a Standard Change or for Access to an IT Service.
  Major Incident The highest Category of Impact for an Incident. A Major Incident results in significant disruption to the Business.
  Priority A Category used to identify the relative importance of an Incident, Problem or Change. Priority is based on Impact and Urgency.
  Shift A group or team of people who carry out a specific Role for a fixed period of time.
  First-line Technical Support The first level in a hierarchy of Support Groups involved in the resolution of Incidents.
  Second-line Technical Support The second level in a hierarchy of Support Groups involved in the resolution of Incidents and investigation of Problems. Each level contains more specialist skills, or has more time or other Resources.
  Technical Escalation Transferring an Incident, Problem or Change to a technical team with a higher level of expertise to assist in an Escalation
  Management / Hierarchical Escalation Informing or involving more senior levels of management to assist in an Escalation.
  Root Cause The underlying or original cause of an Incident or Problem.
  Critical Success Factor - CSF Something that must happen if a Process, Project, Plan, or IT Service is to succeed.
  Key Performance Indicator - KPI A Metric that is used to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity, to ensure that Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Cost Effectiveness are all managed.
  Process A structured set of Activities designed to accomplish a specific Objective. A Process takes one or more defined inputs and turns them into defined outputs.
  Policy Formally documented management expectations and intentions.
  Procedure A Document containing steps that specify how to achieve an Activity.