Group Study Halls

Use of Group Study Rooms 

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  • Study rooms are open between 09.00-21.30 on weekdays and 10.00-19.30 on weekends during the academic period.
  • Each group can include minimum 2 and maximum 6 members.
  • The same room can only be reserved by members of the group for the next two hours in case there are no other reservations.
  • Rooms can be reserved by others outside the group for the next two hours while the room is occupied.
  • Users cannot reserve any two hours when a study room is empty.
  • Other users may occupy a room after ten minutes of no-show by the first reserver.
  • Library users must leave study rooms 10 minutes before end of the shift that is 17.50.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the study rooms.
  • Music can be listened to only with headphones.
  • Individuals causing disruptions will be evacuated from the study rooms.