This policy stipulates the basic terms and conditions regarding the content posted on the social media accounts of the Library.


The Corporate Communication Unit runs the social media accounts of the Library. The links of the official accounts can be accessed under the “Social Network” title on the library page. The Media Center designs the images posted on the social media accounts upon the approval of the Directorate. Copyright images are used upon the permission of the author.


The Atilim University Kadriye Zaim Library:

  • Respects copyrights and seeks permission prior to posting contributions;
  • Checks the validity of information using verification websites;
  • Treats all social media users equally;
  • Treats comments in light of freedom of speech, unless they contain swearing, insults, threats, aggressive remarks or similar content, etc.;
  • Stands against censorship;
  • Shares its content and images in accordance with the Creative Commons and open access principles and expects mutual respect for copyrights;
  • Seeks experts’ opinions for questions posted on the social media.
  • Does not disclose any user information on the social media;
  • Does not promote or recommend any other social media account than that of Atilim University and the Library;
  • Does not share any posts likely to tarnish the reputation of Atilim University or that of the library profession;
  • Does not share any posts of political, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or commercial nature;
  • Does not share any posts that provoke social hatred or animosity;
  • Does not discriminate among users based on their opinions, ideas, or believes.