Reserve Book Circulation Rules

  1. The Reserve Unit offers course books, supplementary course books prepared by instructors and librarians.
  2. Only academic staff, lecturer research assistants and part-time instructors are entitled to add or remove materials to/from the reserve collection.
  3. Academics who intend to add material to the reserve collection complete a Material Addition or Removal Form obtainable from the Circulation Desk.
  4. Suggestions by academics regarding material removal from the collection can be made by e-mail to  (, by phone to +90 312 586 84 66, or by filling out the Material Addition or Removal Form available on the website.

Items that can be added to the collection

  • Books included in the library
  • Books prepared by academics.

Items that cannot be added to reserve collection

  • Periodicals and/or bound collections
  • Reference Materials
  • Any other items in the archives which cannot be circulated.