Architecture IMP Integrated PhD Program, which was initiated in 2012 at the Graduate School of Natural & Applied Sciences, runs graduate education and research studies leading to PhD degree for those with bachelor and master’s degrees, bearing in mind the specializations of the staff members. The Program is open for applications by graduates from different disciplines (architecture; urban design; city and regional planning; industrial design; interior design; landscape design)   be researcher or academician in any of the areas of specialization in architecture specified by IMP.


The Program includes three separate foca lareas as “Architectural Design”, “Building Science” and “Conservation and Restoration”. The courses to be successfully fulfilled prior to thesis studies are gathered in three groups as scientific research and architectural subjects, foca larea subjects, and those related with the thesis topic.


Abilities required for a qualified researcher and academician, as defining a research topic and  carrying out research activities, scientific reasoning, initiating and implementing existing or original technologies and methods in research, are expected to be acquired. The originality and international qualification of the  research and the knowledge produced are emphasized. Importance is given to sharing this knowledge with the society through different means during thesisresearch and after. Development of contributions to interaction and cooperation  of the University with the field of practice is also desired.


Mission: To provide a graduate level academic study and research milieu in specified fields of specialization in architecture, where competences expected from contemporary researchers and academicians are gained, and the scientific knowledge, obtained through original and internationally qualified research, is shared with the society. 


Vision: To be recognized as a qualified program in architectural graduate education and research in Turkey.