ECTS - - Electrical-Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering awards the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The overriding goal of the undergraduate Electrical & Electronics engineering program is to integrate mathematics, science engineering, and computer skills, along with communication and social skills to enhance the productivity and creativity of the engineer. Engineering design, including open-ended problems, is included throughout the curriculum and concludes with a major engineering design experience. Studies in humanities and social sciences serve not only to meet the objectives of a broad education, but also to meet the objectives of making engineers fully aware of their social responsibilities and better able to consider related factors in the decision making process.


The electrical - electronics engineering program gives each student a solid foundation in electricity, electronics, computers, communications and systems, with individual practical experience. Upon this basic foundation the student then builds expertise in advanced areas, such as microelectronics, computers, control systems, communications, stressing actual design practice to prepare him or her for a productive and challenging engineering career.