Atılım University Child Development Department was established in 2021, and student recruitment was carried out in the 2021-2022 academic period. Our department provides education in Turkish, and our students who wish to do so have the right to receive a one-year preparatory education.

Child Development: Children who develop in accordance with their age, have special needs, and need protection during infancy (0-2 years), early childhood (2-6 years), school age (6-11 years) and adolescence (11-18 years). It is a field that provides services with a transdisciplinary approach, identifying and defining the factors affecting the continuity and changes observed in the physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development and self-care skills of children at risk and with health problems, and planning support programs for these.

Child Development aims to provide services with a transdisciplinary approach, by evaluating the child's physical, functional and participation level in life within his environment, together with his family and other professionals who provide services to him.

Like many other disciplinary fields that provide direct services to people, education in the field of Child Development is a field focused on practice as well as theory. Our priority is the active participation of each student in academic studies and the professional development of each student during the education process, where communication between students and academicians is essential.