The Relationship between the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey and Programme Competencies Program Competencies
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Knowledge 1 - Based on the qualifications gained in secondary education; At the undergraduate level, comprehends the concepts and relationships between concepts related to the field of health and has advanced theoretical and practical knowledge supported by textbooks, application tools and other resources containing current information in the field of health X X
2 - Has the knowledge to evaluate the nature, source, limits, accuracy, reliability and validity of information X
Skills 1 - Uses advanced theoretical and factual knowledge specific to the field at the undergraduate level X X X X
2 - Using the advanced knowledge and skills acquired in the field of health, he/she interprets and evaluates scientifically proven data, identifies and analyzes problems, shares information, and performs team work X X X
3 - Uses computer programs, relevant technologies and educational tools related to the field of health X X
Competences Working Independently and Taking Responsibility 1 - Conducts a study independently, using her advanced knowledge in the field of health, and takes responsibility as a team member in cooperation with other professional groups working in this field X X
2 - Takes responsibility individually and as a team member to solve complex and unpredictable problems encountered in healthcare applications X X X X
3 - Plans and manages activities for the development of employees under his/her responsibility within the framework of a project and monitors and evaluates the process X X X X
Learning Competence 1 - Evaluates the advanced knowledge and skills acquired in the field of health with a critical approach X X
2 - Determines learning needs and learning resources, directs learning by using resources effectively X X
3 - It develops a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and turns it into behavior X
Communication and Social Competence 1 - Informs relevant persons and institutions on issues related to the field of health; He conveys his thoughts and solution suggestions to problems in written and oral form, and receives the thoughts, wishes and expectations of relevant people and institutions X X X X
2 - She shares her thoughts on health-related issues and solution suggestions for problems with experts and non-experts, supporting them with quantitative and qualitative data, in teamwork and as an active element of the process X X X X
3 - With the awareness of social responsibility, it organizes and implements projects and activities in cooperation with other professional groups for the social environment in which it lives X X X X
4 - Uses information and communication technologies along with computer software at least at the Advanced Level of the European Computer Usage License required by the field X
5 - It monitors and evaluates the events/developments on the agenda of society and the world in the field of health X X
6 - Expresses herself effectively verbally and in writing X X X
Field Specific Competence 1 - It cooperates with people from relevant disciplines in the collection, interpretation, application and announcement of results of data related to the field of health and acts in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values X X X X
2 - Has sufficient awareness and practices on individual and public health, environmental protection and occupational safety X
3 - Acts in accordance with the laws, regulations, legislation and professional codes of ethics regarding her duties, rights and responsibilities as an individual X X
4 - Has advanced knowledge of the structure, physiological functions and behaviors of healthy and sick individuals and the relationship between health and the physical and social environment X X X X
5 - Has the ability to participate in practice training for healthcare personnel and has the experience of working with these personnel X X X X X
6 - Has experience working with other health disciplines X X X
7 - She uses her professional autonomy in accordance with international standards in program planning, execution and evaluation appropriate for the purpose, and has sufficient experience to perform clinical applications X X X X