ECTS - - Textile and Fashion Design

1) To acquire extensive theoretical and applied knowledge about the field of art and design.
2) To conduct academic research on the terms, notions, cases and issues related to the field; to identify, comprehend, design and apply them through proper/correct methods and techniques.
3) To transform the field knowledge into creative thinking skills.
4) To be able to plan and carry out projects, related to the field, in conceptual and production process both as an individual and as a member of a group. To evaluate and share the results with society.
5) To specify the field competencies and to develop a lifelong social responsibility and critical thinking ability.
6) To be able to use information technologies in the field effectively at the European Computer Driving Licence Advanced Level.
7) To have a good command of a foreign language at European Language Portfolio B1 Level and to be able to communicate with the colleagues and to follow the developments in the field.
8) To produce and carry out projects by using quantitative and qualitative data in the field and to share them with the professionals or non-professionals.
9) To be aware of national and international values in art and design and to acquire professional ethics.
10) To transform the abstract and concrete concepts into creative thoughts and authentic works.
11) To gain knowledge about culture and history of art and acquire an esthetical consciousness.
12) To acquire sufficient knowledge and develop an awareness of the universal justice, cultural, ethical and natural preservation, and occupational health and safety.