ECTS - - Textile and Fashion Design

11 of 48 courses in the program (except internships) are compulsory university courses, a non-area elective and 10 area electives. Electives are involved in the programas of the 1st semester and they continue in the following semesters as well. Those students who wish may select courses that correspond to their semester credits from the other departments of our faculty, other faculties and FAA course repository. Vocational electives that will improve students in their own areas in the 5th, 6th and 7th semesters. Al of the courses in the program are semester-based and the courses apart from theoretical ones are mostly practical. Prerequisite courses are shown in theteaching program.

            There are three compulsory internships for the students. The first one is the 10-day internship performed at the workshop of our university at the end of the second semester, the second one consists of 20 days in relevant manufacturing sites at the end of the fourth semester, and the third one is 20-day internship at design workshops and departments at the end of the sixth semester.

The first year of the program includes practical courses like Basic Art Education, Drawing, Technical Drawing that prepare students for the profession and general culture courses like History of Culture, History of Art and English, while as of the second year students are given opportunity to specialize in their area of choice through vocational and elective courses determined and updated according to the lines of profession. Within the scope of the program there are theoretical and practical courses involving art and design such as Fashion Design, Sewing Techniques, Pattern Application, Textile Material Information, Project. As of the third year, vocational courses diversified with Computer-aided Design Education and students are given opportunity to improve professionally in line with their individual choices.