ECTS - - Textile and Fashion Design

The Department of Textile and Fashion started education in 2007. The medium of teaching is Turkish. The aim of the program is to train designers who can make unique designs that suit aesthetic, functional and ethical values, who possess knowledge and skills to create fashion and brands, who follow technological developments, and who have qualities required by fashion industry. One of the main objectives of the department is to make students complete studies aimed at manufacturing until they graduate through projects determined within the scope of university-industry collaboration. Thus, it will be possible to train designers with the ability tocreate fashion and brands.

Textile and Fashion Design Program has been structured upon an approach towards establishing world brands with its practical and theoretical courses, atelier and workshops, computer-aided design courses, and project works involving all the stages from design to manufacture. The courses in the program of Textile and Fashion Design Department are classified under four main categories as main, complementary, vocational elective and elective. In practice-oriented courses starting in the second semester, students both have the opportunity to produce their own designs and improve themselves through studies for the sector. Moreover, as of the third academic year students transfer their designs into computer environment in the computer laboratory. Textile and FashionDesign enable students to specialize in the branches they choose via vocational elective courses determined and updated according to lines of work. There are basic design, drawing, sewing techniques, mould, theoretical and practical courses with artistic and experimental content and projects within the scope of the program. The factors to be considered in collections that will be prepared for a particular purpose and in projects carried out in line with the requirements of the sector will be transferred to the student.

Our department possesses design studios, computer labs and manufacture workshop equipped with technological devices.