ECTS - - Textile and Fashion Design

The program of Textile and FashionDesign Department:

  1. has been prepared to train designers that can make contemporary-aesthetic designs based on the clothing needs of humans, use technology, predisposed to team work, have a high adaptation ability
  2. that are sensitive to the time and environment they live in, have high aesthetic liking, are able to solve design problems in a program that enable students to gain versatile knowledge and skills in the field of design instead of a limited vocational program
  3. that will bring contemporary aesthetic dimensions to our cultural assets, become integrated with traditional culture and arts, contribute to topics in the scope of fashion and design for the development of our country, devoted to serial production in textile and ready-made garments, and will develop designs and models that have economic and aesthetic factors
  4. that carry out projects aimed at production with university-industry collaboration, catching   students’ attention to the problems of “brand creation” and design required by the sector, that have talent to create fashion and brand and have qualities that fashion and textile industry needs.