1 Adequate knowledge in the areas of business, management, and air transport operations; ability to apply to identify and solve the problems encountered in the field of air transport operations and theoretical and practical knowledge in these areas.
2 Ability to determine, identify, formulate and solve the problems in the field of air transport operations; for this purpose, ability to select and apply appropriate methods of analyzing and modelling
3 Ability to design to meet the specific requirements of complex system or process related to airtransport operations, under realistic constraints and conditions; for this purpose, ability to apply modern design methods.( Realistic constraints and conditions, depending on the nature of the design, contain items as economics, environmental issues, sustainability, manufacturability, ethical, health, safety, social and political problems.)
4 The ability to select, use and develop of modern techniques and tools that are needed for the applications needed in air transport operations;the ability to use information technologies effectively.
5 To examine the problem of air transport operations experimental design, conducting experiments, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting the results skills.
6 The ability to work effectively in the disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams; individual study skills.
7 Effective verbal and written communication skills in English; follow the information and developments in the field and be able to share with other people, use it in the B1 level of European Language Portfolio, knowing at least one foreign language.
8 Aware of the necessity of lifelong learning, ability to access to information, follow developments in science and technology and continuous self-renewal ability.
9 Information abaut business applications such as project management, risk management and change management; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development.
10 Information abaut the effects of air transport operations applications on health, environment and safety in the universal and social dimensions and be aware of the legal consequences of the applications to be performed.
11 To possess conscious about the effects of management and workplace applications of air transportation enterprises on occupational and environmental safety and the health of employees, as well as awareness about legal consequences of these applications.
12 to possess conscious about responsibility of professional and ethics