The rapid growth of aviation sector in our country in recent years, revealed the need for trained human resources in this area. In order to meet the growing passenger demand,  new airlines have entered to the market, fleet companies have grown,  the number of airports have increased in the country, and new additions have made to increase the capacity of the existing airports. As a result of this, the necessity of qualified human resource has increased more than ever. In this context, training of qualified personnel on business issues needed by government and private institutions of aviation industry in line with international requirements are foreseen.


Aviation Management Program, focusing on airport planning, design and management, airline and air transport management by creating a solid basis on aviation and management, designed to prepare graduates career in aviation management program has a comprehensive and intensive curriculum.


One-year English prepatory education is followed by four years of undergraduate education. Compulsory internship period is forty business days. This program gives the opportunity to demonstrate to apply what they have learned with compulsory internship programs in business life by providing comprehensive training on management and aviation issues required of aviation management career. Graduates have a wide business opportunities. Graduates can work as intermediate staff or mid-level managers in Turkish Airlines, private airlines, airports, airport ground services, catering, cargo and logistics enterprises, and other aviation sector enterprises.