As a result of rapid developments in Turkish Civil Aviation sector in recent years, in the profile of the staff required by the sector have shown changes. The purpose of this program is to train candidates to work on business and management in the field of air transport. Air transport operator, prepare management plans to be the most efficient use of money,materials and manpower, and for the operation of aircraft in a profitable manner, supervise the activities, takes precautions to operate at full capacity in terms of the amount of cargo and passenger . Makes the connection  and organization of aircraft,cargo,passenger movements which is connected or not to connected to facility.

Objectives of the program can be summarized as follows:

• To meet the need for trained manpower  of companies in the aviation sector,  private and public organizations on air transport operations that it offers through academic programs.
• To train the aviation staff of other countries in its area with the aim of improving the quality of aviation services in those countries; redirect the school resources to the research and development projects with the aim of accessing 21st century critical information in the field of aviation and aerospace, and exploring new ones

• To convert produced information and research results to economic value by developing it in the international and national level for our country.
• To establish a partnership  and to cooperate with the education, research and appropriate units in world-class in order to ensure a more reliable, more economical, environmentally friendly air transportation for all the people in the world.

Graduates take the title of "civil air transport operator". They can work in the Turkish Airlines, private airlines, airports, ground services, catering, cargo and logistics enterprises, and  other aviation enterprises and may serve as a mid-level managers or intermediate staff in the sector’s key enterprises.