ECTS - - Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance

1) To have knowledge about aviation and basic sciences.
2) Ability to work in coordination with team members under time pressure conditions.
3) To be able to use the advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills acquired in the field in professional life.
4) To be able to solve complex and unpredictable problems encountered in aviation activities with an analytical perspective.
5) To be able to convey verbal and written solutions to national/international issues related to the field in international languages.
6) To be able to use information and communication technologies along with computer software at the level required by the field.
7) Sketch, diagram describing the subject. graphics, technical drawings, etc. can read, understand and prepare documents.
8) To be able to access, archive and keep up to date technical/administrative documents and books, databases and other information sources related to the field.
9) To have an awareness of professional ethics and responsibility in the stages of collecting/interpreting/disclosing/implementing data related to the field in accordance with the rules.
10) To have professional ethics and occupational safety awareness in order to prioritize the safety factor in their work.
11) To be able to use the techniques, skills and modern maintenance tools required for maintenance applications.
12) Be able to interpret results obtained from various sources and measurements and implement corrective measures where appropriate.
13) He/She will be able to apply her knowledge in a practical way by using the manufacturer's instructions.
14) To improve oneself in social, cultural and historical fields.