ECTS - Contemporary Political Theory

Contemporary Political Theory (POEC605) Course Detail

Course Name Course Code Season Lecture Hours Application Hours Lab Hours Credit ECTS
Contemporary Political Theory POEC605 3 0 0 3 5
Pre-requisite Course(s)
Course Language Turkish
Course Type N/A
Course Level Ph.D.
Mode of Delivery Face To Face
Learning and Teaching Strategies Lecture, Discussion, Question and Answer, Brain Storming.
Course Coordinator
Course Lecturer(s)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cenk Aygül
Course Assistants
Course Objectives This study focuses on contemporary political theories. The main texts of the political theory of the 20th century - mainly those who contribute to what is known as the ‘ontological turn’ in political theory - will be closely read.
Course Learning Outcomes The students who succeeded in this course;
  • To explore the ideas of the political theorists of the 20th century.
  • To understand ontology as well as ontological issues and presuppositions in contemporary political thinking.
  • To understand the ontological turn in political theory
  • To explore ideas relevant to contemporary politics.
Course Content Contemporary political theories; political theory of the 20th century; the `ontological turn? in political theory.

Weekly Subjects and Releated Preparation Studies

Week Subjects Preparation
1 Introduction
2 Martin Heidegger Selected Writings
3 Martin Heidegger Selected Writings
4 Martin Heidegger Selected Writings
5 Hannah Arendt Devrim Üzerine
6 Carl Schmitt Parlamenter Demokrasinin Krizi
7 Carl Schmitt Siyasi İlahiyat
8 Farnkfurt School Aydınlanmanın Diyalektiği
9 Michel Foucault Yönetimsellik
10 Michel Foucault Yönetimsellik
11 Michel Foucault Yönetimsellik
12 Jacques Ranciere Siyasalın Kıyısında
13 Jacques Ranciere Uyuşmazlık: Politika ve Felsefe
14 Jacques Ranciere Demokrasi Nefreti
15 Giorgio Agamben Kutsal İnsan: Egemen İktidar ve Çıplak Hayat
16 Giorgio Agamben Olağanüstü Hal


Other Sources 1. Seçme Yazılar

Evaluation System

Requirements Number Percentage of Grade
Attendance/Participation 1 10
Laboratory - -
Application - -
Field Work - -
Special Course Internship - -
Quizzes/Studio Critics - -
Homework Assignments - -
Presentation 2 30
Project 1 40
Report - -
Seminar - -
Midterms Exams/Midterms Jury - -
Final Exam/Final Jury 1 20
Toplam 5 100
Percentage of Semester Work
Percentage of Final Work 100
Total 100

Course Category

Core Courses X
Major Area Courses
Supportive Courses
Media and Managment Skills Courses
Transferable Skill Courses

The Relation Between Course Learning Competencies and Program Qualifications

# Program Qualifications / Competencies Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 To compare main theories and/or approaches in political economy and make a critical evaluation of each X
2 To compare main macroeconomic theories and/or approaches and make a critical evaluation of each X
3 To use complementary approaches from other relevant disciplines (e.g. political science, sociology) in order to solve problems requiring scientific expertise X
4 To develop the skills for establishing a micro-macro link in human and social sciences X
5 To analyze the main economic indicators and comment on them X
6 To acquire theoretical knowledge through literature survey and derive empirically testable hypothesis X
7 To be able to develop new approaches/theories for complex problems in political economy X
8 To apply critical thinking, statistical/econometric tools or other relevant quantitative and qualitative tools to new areas/problems X
9 To make a research design and carry it out within predetermined time frames X
10 To formulate and present policy recommendations based on academic research X
11 To continue learning and undertake advanced research independently X

ECTS/Workload Table

Activities Number Duration (Hours) Total Workload
Course Hours (Including Exam Week: 16 x Total Hours) 16 3 48
Special Course Internship
Field Work
Study Hours Out of Class 16 4 64
Presentation/Seminar Prepration
Homework Assignments
Quizzes/Studio Critics
Prepration of Midterm Exams/Midterm Jury 1 2 2
Prepration of Final Exams/Final Jury 1 3 3
Total Workload 117