1) To compare main theories and/or approaches in political economy and make a critical evaluation of each
2) To compare main macroeconomic theories and/or approaches and make a critical evaluation of each
3) To use complementary approaches from other relevant disciplines (e.g. political science, sociology) in order to solve problems requiring scientific expertise
4) To develop the skills for establishing a micro-macro link in human and social sciences
5) To analyze the main economic indicators and comment on them
6) To acquire theoretical knowledge through literature survey and derive empirically testable hypothesis
7) To be able to develop new approaches/theories for complex problems in political economy
8) To apply critical thinking, statistical/econometric tools or other relevant quantitative and qualitative tools to new areas/problems
9) To make a research design and carry it out within predetermined time frames
10) To formulate and present policy recommendations based on academic research
11) To continue learning and undertake advanced research independently