Atılım University Department of Industrial Design was established in 2009 in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. The language of instruction is Turkish. The aim of the program is to train professionals who will work and provide design consultancy services for various sectors engaged in industrial production.

Students in the program, design new products in different themes and for different sectors through re-interpreting the factors such as technology and changing life styles and considering the various criteria such as aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, materials and manufacturing methods and resources, marketability and sustainability.

The program aims to provide students with knowledge related to design culture through required practice-based and theoretical courses such as product design courses, drawing and presentation techniques, model making, computer aided design and presentation, ergonomics, marketing, professional practice, design history, design management, materials and manufacturing methods, product semantics and various supporting elective courses.

At the end of four years of undergraduate education, it is aimed to have students gain analytical thinking and problem solving skills and teamwork abilities and use their design skills considering environmental responsibility. During the education program, it is aimed to improve the quality of education by coordinating with the well-known design schools abroad. In addition, providing students with the opportunity of carrying out projects through benefiting from the experiences of experts, who shape product design and work in the industry and conducting joint projects with the industry are also within the objectives of the program. Through forming a dynamic interaction environment within the framework of this cooperation, students can carry out projects directed towards production and professional practice.