1) To be able to define a creative problem in the focus of design, to develop ideas for solution, to think critically and to synthesize the acquired knowledge to create design solutions
2) To have the competence to present the comprehensive and in-depth knowledge gained in the design discipline effectively and confidently in academic platforms
3) To have the ability to manage design projects effectively from the initial idea stage to the implementation
4) To identify the required research in the field of design, to use the appropriate research methods and techniques, and to interpret and incorporate research results into the design process.
5) To have the ability to put theoretical design knowledge into practice and to produce innovative solutions
6) To be able to communicate verbally and in writing in international environments and to follow the design-oriented agenda
7) To be able to take an active role in both individual and team-based projects and to be able to lead and manage these projects
8) To be aware of the socio-cultural, socio-economic and environmental contexts and differences, and to consider the interests of people, society and the environment
9) To have knowledge and understanding of sustainability principles and standards in the field of design
10) To evaluate the knowledge and skills in the field of design with an approach that can produce critical, counter thesis and synthesis
11) To have knowledge and understanding of the necessary intellectual, discursive, scientific, technological, technological, aesthetic, artistic, historical and cultural infrastructure for the field
12) To be aware of the changing contexts and requirements in the field of design and to have the motivation and competence for lifelong learning
13) To have knowledge and understanding of the legal framework and standards, corporate and ethical values related to the field
14) To have the ability to express design ideas in two and three dimensions using written and visual presentation techniques and tools including information technologies and artificial intelligence applications
15) To learn the materials, production technologies and software within the scope of Industrial Design and to use them in the design process