ECTS - Software Engineering Master of Science without Thesis

Master of Science program (without thesis) has been established in 2005-2006 Academic year with the primary mission of educating professionals who can participate in the development of high quality, reliable and cost-effective software systems.

Basically the department’s education program has been prepared to create environments for learning-by-doing, project-based learning and participation, to enable the students to gain industrial experience through projects and to provide all the theoretical knowledge required.

The main objective of the program is to provide graduates with the following skills and competences:

  • Ability to appreaciate Software Life Cycle  processes
  • Capable of designing object-oriented software
  • Capable of building required software architecture
  • Able to develop high quality software,  testing strategies,and prepare  required documents
  • Capable of configuring and maintaining software products

With this objective in mind, the program offers courses in Object-Oriented design and programming, software reuirements engineering, software project managementr, software architecture, and software quality assurance and testing.