ECTS - - School of Medicine Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program of Atılım University School of Medicine offers a systematic, spiral and integrated model of education that meets the National Core Curriculum for medical education, and that is student-centered, society-oriented, problem-based and competence-focused. Our School of Medicine offers education in English, the most important global language. This way, we provide a contemporary and global education in medicine, without a language barrier between our students, and our faculty members. While it is our target to train medical doctors who are competent in Professional Practices, Professional Values and Approaches, and Professional and Personal Development; our Undergraduate Program has three main types of content:

1.         Basic Sciences: This category deals with the primary sciences on which medical education is based (such as genetics, anatomy, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, and medical biology), and the contents of these schools that are relevant to medical education.

2.         Clinical Sciences: This category deals with the clinical sciences (such as pathology, clinical pharmacology, public health, epidemiology, clinical microbiology / infection control, immunology, internal and surgical sciences) of medical education, and the contents thereof.

3.         Behavioral sciences and social sciences: Since healthiness and diseases are rooted in the multi-dimensional interaction among biology, genetics, behaviors, relationships, culture, and nature/ ecosystem; we have another category that deals with medically-specific contents catered to certain areas such as research planning and biostatistics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, and health management; rather than medical sciences.

In addition, since a qualified education in medicine also calls for the dimension of professionalism (human, social, and professional values); we offer an integrated education model where our students acquire the competencies to develop their sense of professionalism throughout our curriculum.

Within the framework of this model, we have divided our six-year education into three stages:

1. Pre-Clinical Period (Terms I, II, III)

2. Clinical Education (Terms IV, V)

3. Internship (Term VI)

Our program provides preparation opportunities within the School of Medicine for important nation-wide and world-wide accreditation and specialty exams. Students are able to get support for exams such as USMLE, FLEX and TUS without leaving the campus.